Singing superstar Madonna blames her permanently uptight persona on the haunting memory of her mother’s young death.The Material Girl's friends and husband Guy Ritchie desperately try to calm her down, but Madonna insists she’ll never be able to change and that's because the damage was done in her youth when her mother died of breast cancer.The singer’s mom, also called Madonna, lost her battle with the disease at the age of 30 in 1963, when her daughter was just five years old. And she believes the horrible torment she suffered at such a tender age is to blame for her controlling, disciplinarian nature. She says, "I’ve always been this way. I can’t help it. Guy tells me to loosen up, my friends do, too, but I can’t. It’s entirely a product of my childhood."I have dealt with a lot of my demons, but the biggest one is still to do with my mother dying when I was young. That is still with me in many ways. As a child I had no control. I felt the world around me was chaotic and I needed some control. That’s when the self-discipline started. It was my way of survival."


Anonymous said…
Having lost a father at an early age (on my 9th birthday to be exact!), I can truly appreciate what Madonna is saying. The loss of a parent deeply affects a child, and I am still dealing with some issues related to it as well.