Loser Kathy Griffin With Loser Adnan Ghalib

Adnan Ghalib and Kathy Griffin do a little hand holding, petting on the back and give each other small hugs as they make their way shopping at Victoria's Secret yesterday in Beverly Hills, California. Ghalib and Griffin were all smiles and giggles as they walked around for the video cameras that were recording their every move. We liked Kathy, but after seeing who's shes hanging out with, we are now calling her the biggest loser in Hollywood. We knew she loved to shock the press for publicity, but how low can she go? LOSER KATHY !


Unknown said…
They both look like they shit the bed. Who with even half a mind would touch that?
Anonymous said…
Ah James, is this a joke?

Is she using him for his connections with the mag that he kept notifying of Britney's every move?

Is she wanting a lot of pics out in public?

Or is he trying to hitch to another train?
Anonymous said…
This guy should be black listed in Hollywood after what he tried to do with Brit.

Anyone hanging with him has go to be a loser, as well. Rubs off like cooties...