Andy Valmorbida And Lindsay Lohan

Since Lindsay Lohan was first seen carrying the famous green package while on her bumpy road to recovery, Ariva has become the most photographed and famed tobacco product on the market. Ariva ( is a dissolvable tobacco lozenge that Lindsay carries along with her two other essentials, her Blackberry and Redbull. Could it be that Lohan is setting the benchmark? The product made from select premium tobacco grown, dissolves away in your mouth and provides that same tobacco satisfaction as cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.
There is as much nicotine (1.5 milligrams) in one piece of Ariva as you would find in a "light" cigarette to help you beat the craving and avoid smelling like an ashtray! Ariva is available in a refreshing WINTERGREEN blend and a fresh brewed Java blend. Not only does Ariva smell better but depending on your specific location, twenty dissolvable tobacco pieces are about one dollar less than a pack of premium cigarettes and is available throughout the national drug store chains such as Walgreen's, Rite-Aid. Since laws have been passed all over the country, restricting cigarette smoking indoors, the smoking population has been, quite literally, left out in the cold. In New York City, it is no longer legal to enjoy a cigarette in bars; establishments best known for their smoky atmosphere! Beverly Hills, California has agreed on the banning of puffing tobacco on any public street. There are now 35 states with some form of smoking ban on the books. Use Ariva®, anywhere, anytime; airplanes, airports, taxis, in your office. Companies have started selling Ariva® so as to prevent their workers from leaving their desks on a continuous basis for smoking breaks. According to the British Royal College of Physicians, smokeless tobacco is between 10 and 1,000 times less hazardous than smoking, depending on the product. Moreover, public health experts funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health have concluded that smokeless tobacco products with low levels of a group of carcinogens called tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs) pose at least a 90 percent reduction in risk compared with normal smoking. The TSNA levels in dissolvable tobacco products like Ariva are the lowest of any tobacco product. It is now becoming obvious as to how Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and half of Hollywood has finally procured a plan to spread a POSITIVE influence from left coast to right coast.