Britney Spears

Why are we still caring about toxic Britney Spears? Reports that are coming in tell me that we care less and less every day. Me, I don't care at all. The paparazzi crowd on the trail is getting smaller and smaller and my Buzz Foto snappers tell me everyone is moving over to someone nice. Yes Nice ! Miley Cyrus is the one the photographers adore now. She is nice, always smiles and shes the one the tabloids are aiming for now. Britney's day in the limelight is coming to a end. Yes. She's becoming old news. Pretty soon a trip to the mental ward won't bring out the celebrity photographers for old toxic Britney. Anyway, if anyone still cares, heres Britney Spears with new blonde highlights in her hair as she left a salon yesterday in Beverly Hills, California. She and her two male companions looked mysterious as they all sat in the car wearing sunglasses. They looked like CIA agents. Maybe soon Britney will tell us she's really a undercover secret agent. Only in nutland Kiddies !


Anonymous said…
Don't much like either of these but am pleased to see Brit is finally getting her life going in a positive way.

Miley is growing up too fast. She will be a statistic in no time... Parents needed to rein her in but they did not. Too late now.

Why do parents insist on shoving their kids into the limelight? Kids should be great for parents but parents need to understand not everyone is going to think someone else's child is wonderful or better than their own.

Keep kids a bit longer. They will be adults the rest of their lives.