Singing star Jessica Simpson is in demand in the Ukraine following the success of her film in theaters over there. "Blonde Ambition" was a flop in the U.S., where it made very little money at the box office during its opening weekend in December. The movie, which also stars Luke Wilson, was pulled from theaters, but it has been reborn in the Ukraine, where it's become a surprise hit. And now local film bosses want Simpson to consider a trip to the country, where she has become the new overnight sensation. Film producer Alex Shpiluk, a member of the Ukrainian Film Commission, tells In Touch magazine, "She is really the ideal of American beauty and style, like Barbie. She would be useful to us and our image." Arama Gevorcyan, another leading Ukrainian film producer, has gone so far as to invite Simpson to be the guest of honor at a September movie celebration in the Eastern European country. He says, "I'm the organizer of the big 80th anniversary celebration of the largest Ukrainian film studio, Dovzhenko.
"We would love for Jessica Simpson to come to this celebration. ... We will pay for it!"