Sarah Jessica Parker leaves home

Sarah Jessica Parker in Central Park

Sarah Jessica Parker leaves her New York City apartment to head to Central Park for a photo shoot with famed photographer Anne Leibovitz for Vogue magazine. She left her house dressed in jeans and a cap and in the park she changed into a beautiful wedding dress for the shoot. Like many times before, paparazzi Steve Sands allegedly began disrupting the production when Sarah Jessica barked at him to stop so they could finish the shoot. It amazes me why security keeps letting Sands onto Movie sets and into events. I guess it's because he has a reputation for lawsuits including one recent alleged suit against the New York City Police Department who took away his press credentials, but rather than go to court, they gave them back. Big mistake, considering I have been threatened many times over the years by Sands, who seems to think he has the right to do anything he wants. Until the security details and the publicists finally stand up to Sands, I can only think someone will get hurt very bad some day. Whats really a shame is the publications continue to buy photos from someone so vile. They are all aware of his actions around New York City and continue to do business with him. I think the photo editors, most of them my friends, should be ashamed of themselves. Anyway, expect The magazine spread to hit newsstands in time for the premiere of the film "Sex and the City."


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