Ricks Cabaret And Steakhouse

Fantasy And Gypsy Impalla

Vinny Parco Investigates

After years of being called to adult celebrity hot spots, I had thought I have seen them all. Well last night I made my first visit to Ricks Cabaret and Steakhouse for a retirement party for New York Daily News Icon Gypsy Impalla, who after 47 years, is leaving New York's Hometown Newspaper. It was only a small bash for Gypsy's nearest and dearest, the big bash will be in April for hundreds, but I must say I was impressed. The place is huge, three stories of dancing, food, drinks and the nicest staff. The girls were supermodels who you would expect to see on the cover of Playboy. Photo Editor Charlie Ruppman, Daily News famed photographer John Roca and the publicist that has made many a famous club famous, Lonnie Hanover. Everyone's favorite Private Eye Vinny Parco, most recently the star of Court TV's Parco PI, showed up to help us party. Parco is getting ready for his new series, which I'm not allowed to talk about, but only allowed to say the show will be on a major network and will be coming to your television very soon. After a few hours of drinking and watching the pretty girls dance, we headed to the second floor to their 5 star restaurant. At first I thought, how could an adult entertainment place have good food. I really just wanted to drink my Budweiser and have a few laughs, but when I saw everyone's appetizers, I knew I had to order something. I decided on the Lobster Tails, and let me tell you, they were the best Tails I ever had. The food was to die for, the service impeccable. The Daily News crew couldn't stop raving about the food, and neither could I. So whether you want a great sexy dancer, or some sexy food, Ricks is the place to go. They have locations all over the country and you can find one near you by going to their website RICKS CABARET AND STEAKHOUSE. You can visit their New York City location at 50 West 33rd Street, right off Broadway.
Gypsy Impalla with Fantasy and Lonnie Hanover
Photos By: James Edstrom