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Sunday, April 01, 2018


Daily News Cover With Donald Trump

We think tomorrows New York Daily News front cover says it all for us here at Times Square Gossip

The cover Shows a horrible photo of Donald Trump and call him APRIL FOOL. Could not have said it better.

Daily News Says -- He’s unfair and unbalanced.

Taking his talking points from a Fox News TV ticker, President Trump spent Easter Sunday spreading fear and threatening to renege on his promise to offer a pathway to citizenship for young immigrants.

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Monday, November 13, 2017



A never-before-seen interview with Liz Smith

It is very sad that Gossip Legend Liz Smith has passed away. Having known her for almost 30 years, she was a legend and a lady with class.

Before the Internet and before cell phones and faxes, you knew you made it in NYC if you had Liz Smith's phone number to give her a juicy item or to just chat. I would often call and do both.

In the early days in my career in the 80's, I would be at so many events with Liz Smith.  Liz was always laughing, always happy and always the toast of the party. I really like her.

Bette Midler And Liz Smith

The last time I saw Liz Smith was on second ave a few months ago. She was using a walker and heading to dinner. How I wish I went to dinner with her to talk about the 'good old times'. 

The above video from the NY Times is great. Also the history of Liz Smith in the New York Times is very interesting reading.  New York City has lost another icon!

Photo Courtesy Of: Media Punch INC

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Ricks Cabaret And Steakhouse

Fantasy And Gypsy Impalla

Vinny Parco Investigates

After years of being called to adult celebrity hot spots, I had thought I have seen them all. Well last night I made my first visit to Ricks Cabaret and Steakhouse for a retirement party for New York Daily News Icon Gypsy Impalla, who after 47 years, is leaving New York's Hometown Newspaper. It was only a small bash for Gypsy's nearest and dearest, the big bash will be in April for hundreds, but I must say I was impressed. The place is huge, three stories of dancing, food, drinks and the nicest staff. The girls were supermodels who you would expect to see on the cover of Playboy. Photo Editor Charlie Ruppman, Daily News famed photographer John Roca and the publicist that has made many a famous club famous, Lonnie Hanover. Everyone's favorite Private Eye Vinny Parco, most recently the star of Court TV's Parco PI, showed up to help us party. Parco is getting ready for his new series, which I'm not allowed to talk about, but only allowed to say the show will be on a major network and will be coming to your television very soon. After a few hours of drinking and watching the pretty girls dance, we headed to the second floor to their 5 star restaurant. At first I thought, how could an adult entertainment place have good food. I really just wanted to drink my Budweiser and have a few laughs, but when I saw everyone's appetizers, I knew I had to order something. I decided on the Lobster Tails, and let me tell you, they were the best Tails I ever had. The food was to die for, the service impeccable. The Daily News crew couldn't stop raving about the food, and neither could I. So whether you want a great sexy dancer, or some sexy food, Ricks is the place to go. They have locations all over the country and you can find one near you by going to their website RICKS CABARET AND STEAKHOUSE. You can visit their New York City location at 50 West 33rd Street, right off Broadway.
Gypsy Impalla with Fantasy and Lonnie Hanover
Photos By: James Edstrom

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Sexy Hunk Orlando Bloom Is Dating Around

Orlando Bloom has been on a date with a Penélope Cruz look-alike. Orlando has been seen having dinner with a woman who looks just like Penélope - who he was rumored to be dating - at New York's Nobu Next Door restaurant on Thursday night. A source told the New York Daily News newspaper: "He was with a smoking-hot,tall, Spanish-looking girl, very made up, very much a Penélope Cruz wanna-be. She was hot."Not classy like Penélope, but more of a showgirl hotness."There was a lot of flirting going on."Penélope and Orlando were last seen together at Prince's post-Oscars party in February, where they were said to be kissing passionately all night. A source said at the time: "Penélope and Orlando couldn't keep their hands off one another - they were making out the whole night."It was crazy! Touching, kissing - even a little bit of groping. And in view of tons of actors, too, like Leonardo DiCaprio."Orlando and Penélope have never confirmed they are an item.

Monday, March 12, 2007


More Problems For Britney Spears

Britney Spears has reportedly been captured on video in a state of undress and indulging in some "serious partying" with the two nightclub dancers she swapped clothes with on a recent night out.The 'Toxic' singer - who is currently being treated in Malibu's Promises rehab centre for alcoholism - swapped her red dress for a bikini and fishnets with two dancers at New York's One nightclub on February 12. Their wild antics are said to have been captured on CCTV. A source told the New York Daily News newspaper: "The manager said there was a tape of them doing some serious partying with Britney. Both the girls cried about it when they got fired, but they didn't deny it."If it goes on the internet it might be just what the authorities need to take Britney's children away from her."A representative for the club said: "The two girls were absolutely not fired and there were not any cameras in the area behind the coat check where they changed."But the source insisted: "Yes there are. There's a camera above the office back there that can see that whole room."

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Actor Ray Liotta has slammed reports he has undergone cosmetic surgery after fans and the media became alarmed at his appearance at a recent premiere. The star, 52, joined his "Wild Hogs" co-stars John Travolta and Tim Allen at the film's premiere in Hollywood on Tuesday. After photos of Liotta on the red carpet appeared in the press, surgery expert began to speculate he had had plastic surgery. Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Griffin tells the New York Daily News , "He's probably had some Restylane or something injected into his laugh lines. He's developed a bit of a jowl. His skin looks awful. I'm sure he's been getting some kind of treatment because he's had a history of acne." However, Liotta's spokesperson says, "Ray Liotta has had no cosmetic procedures."

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Orlando Bloom and Penélope Cruz spent the whole night kissing at Prince's Oscars party.Orlando took Penélope's mind off her Best Actress disappointment by passionately embracing her at the party held at Prince's Hollywood home on Sunday night. A source told the New York Daily News newspaper : "Penélope and Orlando couldn't keep their hands off one another - they were making out the whole night."It was crazy! Touching, kissing - even a little bit of groping. And in view of tons of actors, too, like Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling."The couple also "flirted outrageously" at a pre-Oscars party at Los Angeles members club Soho House. A source said: "Orlando and Penélope flirted outrageously while playing pool. Penélope seemed more than a little smitten and afterwards they retired to a corner for drinks - they couldn't keep their hands off each other."The 32-year-old 'Volver' actress also helped Orlando celebrate his 30th birthday at Los Angeles nightclub Teddy's last month, where the couple were said to be inseparable. A source said: "Penélope was never further than arm's length from Orlando,even when he was surrounded by other women on the dance floor."