The Penthouse Pets

New York's chop-shop eatery PALM WEST was visited today by 3 Penthouse Pets, ERICA ELLYSON (Pet of the Year '08); JUSTINE JOLI (Pet runner up '08); and, BREE OLSON (March '08 Pet of the month). The gals posed for pictures with managers LARRY BRYANT and DOMINICK SASSONE, and then sat down to a terrific lunch of lobster-and-steaks-and sides. The threesome were in town for a series of PR-spots, including some book signings (one tonight in New Jersey) and a live-interview for FOX TV. Ellyson, hailing from Missouri, said she loved being in the city and look forward to maybe moving here next year. She's currently living in San Diego. Joli, sporting some fashionable heard gear, lives here already and is fashioning a possible recording career and is doing some gigs already in the city, and, Olson, only 21 ... hails from Indiana ... and, is loving New York. She's a big fan of LA, but, this her first time here ... she says it was love at first sight. GM CHRIS GILMAN came by late in the meal and answered a bunch of questions from the girls. The Pasha, PR-man DAVID SALIDOR (who reps the restaurant) was also on hand.Yes, they turned heads and created gossip ... but, we loved them!
Photos By: James Edstrom