Former wild party girl Lindsay Lohan's dad Michael has applauded his daughter's decision to stay away from mom Dina's new reality TV show, because the project won't help her make it as a serious actress after all her troubles. Lohan won't appear in the new reality show, which will debut on the E! cable network this summer, and her father is convinced that's the right call for his daughter to make. The actress recently told Life and Style magazine, "I don't know much about it (TV show)." Michael, who has reconciled with his famous daughter after a period of estrangement from the family, says, "If she did decide to make an appearance on the show, then I'm behind her. But she needs to decide if she's a serious actress or a reality TV personality."Instead, the show will focus of mom Dina's efforts to turn the actress' kid sister Ali into a star.
Editors Note: I am really proud of Lindsay. She is growing up. I am very surprised. You may think that we live for the day for every celebrity to fall down, but I am proud that Lindsay is taking control of her life. One more lesson Lindsay. Just stand there for two seconds and pose for the stupid shot from the paparazzi and then go on your way. The shot will come out much better and if they follow you, they are the assholes. You can really say you did your job. I wish Britney would do as good as you have. And Dina, please call Todd Shapiro and arrange a photo shoot for Times Square Gossip. We had a blast the last time !


Anonymous said…
Well said, James. Most of us out here do not want to see our stars fall. We like to see them shine with positive publicity.