Kim Kardashian wants to give Britney Spears a makeover, so the toxic singer can look as good as "she used to". Kardashian, best known for her role in a sex tape with her former boyfriend Ray J, wants to bring some glamor back into the singers life, and has offered her a style makeover.The socialite, who also runs a Hollywood boutique, says, "I would love, love, love to give Britney Spears a makeover. I think everyone wants to give her a makeover."I think that she is so cute and sweet and has a great style. But it’s all fallen apart and it’s a mess now. I would love to bring her back to where she used to be."


Anonymous said…
Kimmy K is the ish. Her style is the ish. Her boutique is the ish. Keeping Up With The Kardashians is the ish. And I will be tuning in this Sunday on E! baybee!