Still sexy Jamie Lee Curtis is teaming up with the makers of Activia yogurt for a new advertising campaign, and insists she is very happy to be "the ice breaker" for open discussions on digestive health.The Hollywood star in a series of commercials for The Dannon Company that will feature "frank and open conversations" about bowel regularity, drawing attention to the importance of maintaining a healthy digestive system. The 49 year old Curtis explained, "Digestive problems are important and surprisingly common but we don’t discuss them. Whereas we routinely talk about other uncomfortable topics, such as erectile dysfunction, digestive health is not being addressed and it’s time to change that."I am not afraid to talk about bowel issues - there I said it - and I’m very committed to help people find solutions, like a balanced diet and Activia. It is rewarding to be the ice breaker who speaks openly about digestive health and irregularity, and make it easier for people to find a solution."