Hollywood star Colin Farrell is vowing to never to move back to his homeland Ireland, because he could never be parted from his son who lives in the United States.The actor has a four-year-old boy, James, with ex-girlfriend Kim Bordenave who lives in Los Angeles California and Farrell devotes much of his time to caring for the child, who suffers from neuro-genetic disorder Angelman Syndrome. And even though the 31-year-old loves his home country, he can’t bare to be parted from the youngster for more than a couple of days. He says, "I love Ireland. It’s great craic (fun) meeting all my mates. Sometimes I think, ‘Jesus, this is so good. Why aren’t I always here?’ "The answer is my son. He lives in the U.S. with his mom and he needs his dad there too. That’s my job as a dad and where I have to be. End of story."