Carly Simon

James Taylor was left furious by a phone call from Mick Jagger's ex-wife Bianca, because she informed him his then-fiancee Carly Simon was bedding The Rolling Stones icon. Simon remains adamant to this day she didn’t share a romantic relationship with the rocker, who famously sang background vocals on her 70's hit You’re So Vain, but his then-wife Bianca was convinced otherwise, according to the New York Post gossip column PageSix. Simon, 62, recalls, "(Bianca) said to him, ‘You know, my husband and your fiancee are having an affair,’ and James said, ‘That’s not true’ - he totally defended me."(But) there’s nothing that gets men so crazy as other men pursuing their women. Boy, did we decide (to marry) fast!"


Anonymous said…
i believe u lil romeo she probely want it to you to be the father of her baby