Television star Brooke Shields is ending her problems with her mother during a heartfelt telephone call. Teri Shields recently complained to a tabloid that the actress had shut her out of her and her grandchildren's lives, accusing the star's husband Chris Henchy of having a svengali-like influence over her. And after reading the article, Shields reached out to the 74-year-old to repair their fractured relationship. Teri says, "After Brooke read what I had to say in The National Enquirer, she called me to remind me to watch the second episode of her show. In a somewhat sarcastic tone, Brooke then said, 'Thanks a lot for the things I've been reading about you and me.' I responded by saying, 'Well, you know it's all true Brooke.' "Then she dropped it, but she didn't scream or yell at me or carry on. It's her way of saying she wants to move on. I know she doesn't want this bitterness to continue."