It seems there is a turn-around for toxic Britney Spears. The singer this week was acclaimed for her appearance in How I Met Your Mother and now has landed a chance to hit the West End stage in London.The new actress has been offered the lead role in a forthcoming London production of Tennessee Williams’ play A Streetcar Named Desire.A show insider tells Britain’s Daily Star newspaper, "She has poise, timing and a real flair. We’d wanted her for Blanche because even though she’s technically too young to play her, who else could embody this fallen southern belle so well? "She’s living out the story, so to harness that on stage would be amazing for an audience to see - and cathartic for Britney too." Spears isn’t the only new mom who is being considered for the Blanche DuBois role. Actress Halle Berry is also among the front-runners to land the role, according to reports.