Britney Spears

The singer we call toxic Britney Spears has landed yet another hot magazine cover, the new issue of TV Guide. The former singer poses seductively opposite her How I Met Your Mother co-star Josh Radnor on the front of the upcoming issue of the publication. Her role as a secretary on the comedy airs next week on CBS. But all was not sweet for the television cast. The cast and crew were forced to wear wristbands on the set while Britney filmed her cameo role in order to prevent onlookers from photographing the troubled pop star at the studio. Because of the security measure, the show's star Neil Patrick Harris, who plays womaniser Barney, was denied entry to the studio as he was not wearing a wrist band. "They wouldn't let me on the stage because I didn't have the proper wristband. I said to the security people: 'Lady, I am actually on the show.' We had words and I eventually made it on set.


Anonymous said…
It's good to see her father's intervention working behalf of her and the little guys!