Die hard fans of dead Hollywood star Heath Ledger have been warned against buying any memorabilia material claiming to be from new Batman movie The Dark knight, because it’s all fake. According to Internet reports, bogus traders in Los Angeles California have been selling ’signed’ Dark Knight photographs and posters featuring the late actor as The Joker to unsuspecting movie fans. But none of the items are authentic - because promotional material for the forthcoming movie has yet to hit the market, reports Perez Hilton. A representative for Warner Bros. Pictures, the film studio behind the project, says, "There are no Dark Knight posters or memorabilia connected to the movie on sale yet. We are investigating how they have been pirated." A source close to the Ledger family claims they "are appalled" Heath’s memory is being abused in such a way, adding, "They’re furious that pirates are cashing in on his death." Ledger suffered a fatal accidental overdose of prescription drugs in his New York City apartment on January 22nd.


Anonymous said…
I know we have to put in there that the family is appalled that pirates would try and profit off someone's death...but are they really surprised? That's what Pirates do! Was anyone really shocked that something like this happened?