“Don't let the bombshell packaging fool you - she is Dr. Ruth for a new generation”~Geraldo Rivera
Dr. Victoria Zdrok with Penthouse Playmate at Hawaiian Tropic Zone the other night.

I know playmates who have spurned movie stars to marry UPS delivery men or auto mechanics…so never count yourself out in the game of scoring with beautiful women.”~Dr. Victoria Zdrok To every man who has ever thought to himself, “A girl like that would never hook up with a guy like me,” relationship expert Dr. Victoria Zdrok says, “Yes she would,” and then reveals how to make it happen with methods that are firmly rooted in social and evolutionary psychology. DR. Z ON SCORING: How to Pick Up, Seduce, and Hook Up with Hot Women (Fireside/Simon & Schuster; February 2008; $14.95/Paperback; 1-4165-5155-7) is the ultimate guide to every man's fantasy of meeting, dating, and hooking up with beautiful women. Author Dr. Victoria Zdrok is a dating coach and relationship advisor who combines the best of beauty and brains. She is the only woman in history to be both a Playboy centerfold and a Penthouse Pet of the Year-AND hold a PhD in clinical psychology as well as a JD in law. Dr. Z explains that when it comes to picking up beautiful women, what you don't know can-and will-hurt you. Sharing her professional and personal knowledge of how beautiful women think and act, Dr. Z draws upon research from psychology experts as well as candid interviewswith Penthouse centerfolds profiling their dating escapades and bedroom likes and dislikes. DR. Z ON SCORING covers all the bases, sharing the secret, surefire tips men have always wanted to know (and women hoped they never found out).Stressing that the mental component of the seduction game should never be underestimated, Dr. Z teaches readers that the type of man a particular woman finds most attractive is based on preferences formed in her early childhood-her “love map”. Cracking the code to any woman's love map will reveal the best approach, attitude, and appearance to win her over. The book also gives advice on dealing with the insecurities and hang-ups that afflict even the most beautiful women. When it's time to get physical, DR. Z ON SCORING offers a remarkably intimate guide to getting a woman hot-and keeping her that way. Combining surprising insights (such as whether size really matters) with specific advice on technique (including the use of fantasy to fuel ongoing attraction), Dr. Z's step-by-step strategies will keep any woman coming back for more.Complete with illuminating “Top 10” lists (from Most Unusual Places to Meet Women to Signs She is Interested in You), confidence-building exercises, and examples of dating “hits” and “misses,” DR. Z ON SCORING is the definitive guide to getting-and pleasing-beautiful women.
Photos By: James Edstrom