Barron Hilton (right with dad Rick Hilton), brother of Hollywood icon Paris, accidentally ran over a gas station worker before he was stopped by police for driving under the influence, according to published reports.The 18 year old was arrested on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California this morning. Fernando Pellez claims he called the cops on Hilton after he was knocked over by a black Mercedes at a 76 gas station, and that the teenager then stumbled out of the car, appearing to be under the influence of alcohol. Pellez tells, "I was knocked to the ground. The Mercedes lost control as it was turning into the gas station and Barron got out of the car and he was totally drunk and couldn’t walk straight." Hilton was taken to the Lost Hills Sheriff’s station, where he was booked.The police station is the same one where Mel Gibson was booked following his DUI arrest in 2006.