Hollywood star Sigourney Weaver is hoping to become a New York theatre owner after agreeing to a deal with city and state officials to create a three stage drama space in Downtown New York City.The actress and her director husband Jim Simpson have been trying to launch 'The Flea theatre' project for years, but have come up against financial and leasing issues in the big apple. Weaver says, "We are in the process of buying a new space because we weren’t allowed to buy our old space by the landlord."The city and state have given us some money to purchase a site, where we’ll actually have three theatres."It’s really exciting and I would’ve loved a place like that when I first came to New York. We had to work in these strange places in Hell’s Kitchen, where we just ran like hell through Times Square to these really weird places where the audience was afraid to come anyway because there were no bathrooms and the walls were all moldy."