Sarah Jessica Parker and son James

Hollywood television Actress Sarah Jessica Parker walks her son, James Wilkie Broderick, to school along 7th Avenue the other day in New York City. Sarah was wearing her 'Sex and the City: The Movie' winter down jacket, and both her and little James were sporting boots.


Anonymous said…
I met the photographer Christopher Peterson outside of the Waverly Inn once. He was taking pictures of everyone. It was kind of creepy!
Anonymous said…
Forgive me, but what's creepy about taking pictures of people who show up at Waverly Inn. The only reason people show up at Waverly Inn these days is to be photographed because they are promoting their work or they hope to gawk at stars while they eat dinner. All photography is voyeuristic. Anyone standing on a public street can be photographed. That's the nature of democracy. You looking at the photos on this blog makes you a participant in the democratic process..and by turn, demonstrates the hypocrisy of your comment, which, in the end, borders on libel more than being an insightful comment...and that is truly creepy.