Prince William

The future King Of England Prince Willian will undertake a journalism internship at a national newspaper in a bid to understand the workings of the country’s media, according to published reports. Senior officials at the royal residence, Clarence House, have apparently organized a series of civilian "work experience" placements for the 26-year-old, to prepare him for the throne. A source tells British newspaper the Guardian, "I think it would be a good idea for him to find out how the media works. It’s something I would like to see him do. "He’s learned about the armed forces, now he has to learn about the state." The 25-year-old has served in the British Army and is currently being taught to pilot planes by the Royal Air Force. Later this year he will undergo training with the Royal Navy.
Editors Note: Perhaps he should try his hand at being a paparazzi. That way he could stalk himself !


Anonymous said…
Diana would be so proud of her boys now.
They have both turned out to be fine young gentlemen.
Yes, they can get roudy but who of us didn't in our youth?