Rap Star Pittbull

Rap star Pittbull had to cut his concert short in Texas last week after he was hit by a flying bottle thrown from the audience.The Latino star was performing at Planeta Mexico in San Antonio when the attack happened. Pitbull, real name Armando Christian Perez, immediately dashed off the stage for treatment to his head wound. Covered in blood, and holding a towel to his head, the wild rapper returned to perform another song before emergency paramedics took him to hospital. According to website TMZ.com, he received eight staples in his skull.


Anonymous said…
That was something very stupid for them to do...I mean if your going to go to a concert why are you gonna disrespect the person performing..Is better for them not to go...Fuckin Idiots..Fuck! whoever did that shit..
Anonymous said…
how do you get stitches on a skull? thats freakin bone. maybe they ment scalp.
but anyway yeah i dont know why someone would pay good money and then go screw up the concert for themselves and everyone else.
props to pit for coming out and doing another song before the ambulance came.