Television star Jerry Seinfeld insists he was "just joking" when he called chef Missy Chase Lapine a "wacko" for launching a plagiarism lawsuit against him and his wife. Lapine is suing the New York couple, claiming Seinfeld’s wife Jessica’s best selling cookbook Deceptively Delicious "brazenly plagiarised" her own book she wrote called 'The Sneaky Chef'. Both books describe how to hide healthy ingredients in children’s foods. And after hearing of the legal action, Seinfeld appeared on late night Television show 'The Late Show' and made jokes about the "vegetable plagiarism" facing the couple. But Seinfeld has now apologized for his comments and appealed to a judge to dismiss the lawsuit, according to the New York Daily News. In papers filed at a court in New York City, lawyers for the couple state: "Jerry Seinfeld made overstatements of opinion for comic effect."This action gives new meaning to the terms objectionably unreasonable and publicity stunt." The statement also insists there is nothing "unique and innovative" about the ideas in Lapine’s book.