Johnny Knoxville in MTV studios New York City

Phil and Bam Margera

Hour 1 Recap

With minutes ticking down to the takeover like an atomic bomb test, the guys took to the streets to greet the throng of assembled fans in Times Square. With chants of "Yes, I can! Yes, I can!" Johnny Knoxville amassed the troops and led the charge into the studio. From there, chaos took over: Preston Lacy had a panic attack five seconds in, Party Boy entered, dance parties ensued, Dave England's cage was knocked over, furniture broke, Willie Nelson's Spring Water was wildly promoted and Ehren's hair was yanked prematurely from his head-all while studio personnel were freaking out in the control room as the train violently pitched on the rails. Cue Wildboyz episode to mop up the studio and take a deep breath with 23 hours to go. Did I mention we've got a record 30-second delay button? Good times indeed!

Hour 2 Recap

Time is not literally flying by-that would be some real fourth dimensional avian-Einstein shit right there if it was-but time is moving very, very quickly. So quickly, in fact, I can't remember shit about what happened when and where? Sorry folks, it's all a damn blur at this point. I do remember Steve-O and Pontius visiting the tiny bunker where the nice people with the delay button are holed up for 24-hours. It started out mild (the word "furburger" is totally cool to air but "putting it in door number two" not so much), nervous giggles were had, but then Steve-O started digging a little bit shallower in his bag of sexual innuendo and a rapid stream of sexy cuss words brought the bleeps to an agitatedly abrupt halt. From there I believe things lightened up a bit and everyone joined back up on-stage for a rousing sing-a-long to Roger Alan Wade's "If You're Gonna Be Dumb You Better Be Tough." A sentimental favorite of ours from way back.

Hour 3 Recap

Either everyone took a slight breather during this hour or I'm considerably losing track of time and events. I want to say the hour started out with Steve-O rattling off some really behind-the-scenes story from a Wildboyz trip to Russia, but I'm pretty sure that never made it to air. Or did it? We have no idea what's actually making it to television at this point, but I hope it's enjoyable. We're all having a good time here, or at least those of us without a responsible stake in the matter. Thank god I'm just lurking on the periphery documenting the chaos and not being held accountable for it. Anyway, Phil and April Margera did make their grand entrance in hour 3, just in time to roll in "Phil's Furburger" bit for in-studio nausea and promote April's cookbook, April Cooks.
Hour 4 Recap

So we sauntered into hour 4 with a real feel-good moment: pitting Ehren against a group of lovable little kids in a spelling bee, guest-starring jackassworld's own Rick Kosick as the mean-spirited bee. As we'd predicted, Ehren was not brighter than a box of rocks-not even a bag of hammers-and found himself in several shocking consequences as he fumbled his way through the English language into territories not even remotely near those settled by Oxford or Webster. Good job, Ehren. Better luck next year in 6th grade. Anyway, one studio over competitive eaters bellied up against those of Phil, Preston and Kosick to gobble Nathan's weenies like there was no tomorrow (or in Kosick's case, like he was having an afternoon treat with his tea; seriously, no effort whatsoever on his part, pretty disappointing). Bam force-fed Phil all the way to the fat fucking finish line, but no such luck, the contest went to some random competitive eater.