Jack Nicholson

Hollywood star Jack Nicholson who has won three Academy Awards during his huge and wild career, would love to add a Lifetime Achievement Award to his already large collection of prizes. He said: "I wouldn’t mind winning another Oscar. Even one of those sentimental ones for being a pain in the a** for so long." Jack, who is presenting a prize at the prestigious Los Angeles ceremony this Sunday, admits he loves to use the Oscars to hit on sexy women. He added: "What can I say. I’m an Oscar man. What are you going to do, not enjoy the beauties in the room". The Icon has also revealed he was almost blinded by all the photographers flashes when he attended his first ever Academy Awards in 1970 where he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for ‘Easy Rider’. He told the USA Today newspaper: "There were so many of them, it blinded you. I just stood there, trying to count them all. And I thought, Jesus, I’m really here. I really made it".