Beth Ditto, lead singer for the hit group 'Gossip' recently had a duet with Pulp frontman Jarvis on their cover of Heaven 17’s 'Temptation'. Ditto believes they have a connection because they are polar opposites. She said: ‘Because I’m big and loud I tend to be into people who are the opposite so we’re the perfect couple. I’m big and loud and he’s like this tall, skinny, quiet person who’s really funny. Jarvis is so sweet and hilarious and subtle.’ Jarvis insists the musical pair have developed a strong bond because they were both bullied at school. He also added to NME magazine: ‘I suppose even though we’re opposites physically, Beth got a lot of hassle about the way she looked growing up and I got called a ‘bone’ because I was skinny. You kind of get used to abuse when you’re growing up. So I suspect there’s some similarity there.’ The pair performed ‘Heaven 17′ together at the Shockwaves NME Awards last year. Beth recalls: ‘It was perfect, I thought. It wasn’t the conventional thing to do and that really appealed to me. But I felt very short next to Jarvis.’