Bainie Wild with Tom Jones and Larry Wild

Is The Fantasticks the most romantic musical in the world? Larry and Bainie Wild think so. Their daughter, Paige who lives in Virginia (they live in Connecticut) called the Snapple Theater where The Fantasticks is currently playing and explained that her parents had tickets for the evening performance the other night. She asked if the actors could sign a program for them. They met on a blind date at the Sullivan Street Playhouse 40 years ago and saw The Fantasticks that night. They married soon after. He was a soldier; she was a nurse. They fell in love. Paige also arranged for the electronic sign by Toys R Us to read "Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad." On Saturday night Larry and Bainie attended a performance of The Fantasticks and Tom Jones, lyricist-librettist-director and actor made a curtain speech telling the Wild's story and the audience cheered and applauded. The Wilds then posed for photos with the cast.
Larry and Bainie Wild with cast
Photos By: James Edstrom