Rock Icon Elton John spoke to Television talk show host Larry King about his fears that his drink and drug addictions would have killed him if he wasn’t so focused on his singing career.Elton struggled with alcohol, cocaine and eating disorders throughout his early life, which ended in a stay in rehab in 1990 after the singer vowed to turn his life around.The 60-year-old has managed to stay clean ever since but is convinced if he hadn’t been able to continue with his music, he would have ended up dead. He tells Larry King, "I wasn’t particularly drunk on stage, but I did take drugs before I went on stage. And I was able to perform. In fact, ironically, I think the fact that I did keep performing and not stay home and shut myself away and do drugs all the time - it wasn’t a constant thing with me. But when I’d stop, when I started again, it became worse."So I think the fact that I did make records and did tour saved my life, because even though I went on stage under the influence of drugs sometimes, at least I wasn’t doing the amount of drugs I would have been doing if I’d have been staying at home."