Doing The Shave John Smith

On the 'Rude Awakeing Show' yesterday, staring Bulldog and his sidekick 'The Dude' they went after their loyal newsman John Smith becuase he recently grew a beard and no one liked it, including us at Times Square Gossip. Recently I visited the studios in Ocean City Maryland, and everyone was complaining about the way his beard looked. As a regular on the show, I told Smith to shave the stupid thing. He looked like a terrorist pervert and everyone begged him to shave. Smith kept refusing and yesterday Bulldog took the balls by the horn and had one of his regular listeners who called in come to the studio, and he brought a complete shave kit to get rid of the ugly-perverted beard. As people across the world watched on their sister internet site, Smith was not too happy that they were going to make him do this. Finally the shave starts, and Bulldog decides after shaving half his face that he now looked good and left him that way with half a beard and half shaved. Smith was so pissed, he couldn't even get the news out. But looking at the clean shaven Smith today, we were right in our decision as he now looks fresh and exciting and ready to fly to Vegas where they won't be stopping him for looking like a terrorist-pervert. Well, they could stop him for something else, but not his beard. HEY DUDE, YOUR'E NEXT !


Anonymous said…
Jesus wept.