Bounty Hunter star Duane 'Dog' Chapman is going to make a return to television, just months after his show was canned following a racial slur scandal caused by his son. Chapman’s TV show was pulled by A&E bosses after the bounty hunter’s son went public with a tape on which he was heard calling his Mexican girlfriend a "whore" and a "n**ger". But the network has reconsidered its decision after Chapman took part in a number of events to promote racial equality. A&E has not yet set a premiere date, but have organized filming in Hawaii to start immediately. Chapman is in Vegas this week for the Bounty Hunter convention and is expected to head home soon.


Anonymous said…
Good, I'm glad they are putting the Dog back on. Kinda miss watching him and Beth, go get the bad guys Dog.
Anonymous said…
Finally its about damn time they put the show back on the air and all I need to know is the air date