A press representative for Hollywood actress Delta Burke has denied that she checked into a psychiatric hospital to seek mental health treatment. The 51-year-old actress, who is famous for her role in 1980s comedy "Designing Women" -was reported to have checked into a hospital to help cure her acute obsessive compulsive disorder and "hoarding." However, Gerald McRaney, a spokesman for the star, insists she is not in any psychiatric institution. He tells, "Delta is in a clinic, not a psych ward, to adjust medication. This is something she does once or twice a year. The tabloids have blown it up as if she's landed in a mental institution. "It's not true." McRaney is unsure how long the actress will remain at the facility. He adds, "Based on past experience, it's anywhere from three days to two weeks. They eliminate everything and then monitor her as they reintroduce the same drugs or new drugs, then see how she responds."
Editors Note: Isn't Gerald McRaney Delta's husband. He's now her press agent?