Hollywood television star Delta Burke is the next to check into a psychiatric hospital in a bid to conquer her obsessive-compulsive disorder and "hoarding" issues.The 51 year old star, who is famous for her role in comedy Designing Women that ran in the late 1980s, admits she feared becoming one of those sad women who die under a pile of collected newspapers. She tells, "I was on so many medications and they just weren’t working and I knew I needed to get my meds worked out. I was on five different medications."We were thinking the mania hadn’t been properly diagnosed."I have severe depression. I knew I had general anxiety and I knew I had problems with obsessive compulsion and the hoarding, which I really want to work on."Have you seen those shows where they don’t find the body for days? And they go in to clean up, and it’s stacks of newspapers up to the ceiling? That’s hoarding, and I hate it."


Anonymous said…
I love Delta! She is so real and down to earth! When she needs help, she asks for it with no shame.

Happy growing, Delta!