Television talk show icon Oprah Winfrey has signed up sexy British chef Jamie Oliver to help out on her new reality Television show.The cooking star will take his place as a judge on Oprah’s Big Give, which sees a panel of judges give away money to contestants who are then challenged to use the money to help those in need. Ellen Rakieten, the series’ executive producer, says, "He’s very funny and adorable". However Oliver hopes his prime-time appearance will be less dramatic than his first appearance on Winfrey’s chat show in 2003. He explains, "I was supposed to ride on to the set on my scooter, but the studio floor was really polished and I soon came off the machine. I flew into the air, landed on my chest and then slid along the floor with my arms out in some kind of Superman pose, using my chin as a brake."I felt a complete idiot, but the audience loved it (and) thought I did it on purpose and gave me a huge cheer." Oprah’s Big Give airs next weekend.