Times Are A Changing singing icon Bob Dylan's ex-girlfriend calls the rocker vain, a liar and reveals she illegally aborted his baby in the 1960s. In the new autobiography, Suze Rotolo, who appeared on the cover of Dylan’s album 'The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan, makes the wild claims in 'A Freewheelin Time', due for release next May. The 64 year old scorned woman writes, "Much time was spent in front of the mirror trying on one wrinkled article of clothing after another, until it all came together to look as if Bob had just gotten up and thrown something on. Image was all." Rotolo also talks about his habit for telling lies about his early childhood, including "the sad story he told of being abandoned at a young age in New Mexico and then going to live with a travelling circus". She adds, "He had an uncanny ability to complicate the obvious and sanctify the banal, just like a poet. Bob was charismatic; he was a beacon, a lighthouse. He was also a black hole." The pair eventually split, Rotolo claims, because she could handle the "pressure, gossip, truth and lies that living with Bob entailed".


Anonymous said…
Regardless, he IS a legend of his time!