Former Hollywood star Mary Kate Olsen's lawyers are being accused of "threatening" a newspaper editor who called for her to be quizzed by police over Heath Ledger's death. The New York Police Department has decided not to question the 21-year-old, despite claims the masseuse who discovered Ledger’s body called the actress in California a number of times before contacting emergency services.Olsen reportedly arranged for security guards at her nearby apartment to race to the scene - nine minutes before an ambulance was called. New York Post editor-in-chief Col Allan claims Olsen’s lawyers contacted him as soon as the newspaper linked the actress with Ledger’s death - and speculates they may have put pressure on the NYPD to eliminate the actress from their enquiries.He says, "Almost immediately after the tragic passing of Mr. Ledger, Ms.Olsen’s attorneys began emailing us threatening messages. We find it strange if Ms. Olsen was not questioned at all."The New York Post will not be pressured, and we find it off that the chiefs at the NYPD appear to be terrified of 4-foot-11 inch, 90-pound Mary-Kate-Olsen."
Editors Note: I agree with Col Allen. There needs to be some questions answered. And knowing Col, like I do, he will get them !