Former Seinfeld actress Julia Louis Dreyfus writers strike pride was shattered when Eva Longoria joined her on the picket line - because the Desperate Housewive's star was in full hair and make-up. Louis-Dreyfus joined writers picketing outside a Housewives location shoot in November, which the protesters managed to shut down. But she quickly went from being "the girl" to a badly-dressed nobody when Longoria came out to meet the strikers. She recalls, "It was very thrilling for me and then out comes Eva Longoria and she comes off of the shoot and she walks outside and she stands up there…in full hair and make-up."I’m in my yoga pants and my solar power T-shirt, I look like a hag…activist type."She (Longoria) starts talking to the writers and saying how she’s so upset and she doesn’t wish to be doing this but she’s caught between a rock and a hard place and she starts to cry."I was the girl for, like, an hour and then all of a sudden… everyone’s heart is breaking for Eva - and then she delivered pizza to everybody."There were cameras there and I didn’t have any make-up on - not even chapstick."