Joe Jonas

Teen icon Joe Jonas was sent to the hospital on yesterday after hitting his head backstage at a concert in New Jersey.The Jonas Brothers singer was fooling around after a gig in Atlantic City when he "ran into a wall", according to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. He sustained a minor head injury, but was released from a local hospital shortly afterwards, having received a few stitches. The Jonas Brothers are the new teen idols of this generation of music loving teens.


Anonymous said…
He shouldn't of been fooling around.
Anonymous said…
whats up with that
Anonymous said…
lol thats so cute. always run into things. this just prove hes human and not just some pop star that girls think their in love with.
Anonymous said…
ahah he ran into a wall :)
hes so cool ! ahahah
Anonymous said…
That is sad. I was at that concert and I live in New Jersey and that is so sad I was so happy that he is okay now and he is also kinda stupid like one of the other comments said he should have not been fooling around

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