Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are planning to adopt a child orphaned by Hurricane Katrina, according to reports. The couple, who already have three adopted children, have been working tirelessly to rehouse people affected by the storm that hit the Gulf Coast in 2005. Pitt has dedicated his time and money to the Make it Right organization, which is rebuilding a section of New Orleans. Star magazine claims the couple has fallen in love with a girl whose parents were killed in the Katrina devastation, and they want to add her to their ever-expanding family.The couple already has four children. A source tells the tabloid, "Brad met a little girl and fell completely in love. He and Angie had already decide that their next child would be a daughter. They were originally going to adopt a girl from Africa, but now Brad is sure this child is the one."


Anonymous said…
They are able to afford to give much; they do not hoard but open their hearts and homes to those who are the most needy and innocent. Bravo!
James Edstrom said…
You are so ritght !