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Gwen Stefani wants her son Kingston to marry Angelina Jolie's daughter Shiloh when they grow up.The 'Wind It Up' singer is good friends with the 'Tomb Raider' actress and their children have been on several play dates together - sparking hopes of a future romance. Gwen told Elle magazine: "Kingston and Shiloh play together. They were like two little blobs when they met. Maybe they'll get married when they grow up? That'd be cute!" The 37-year-old pop star gave birth to Kingston, her son with British rocker husband Gavin Rossdale, in May last year. The 'Hollaback Girl' singer also revealed she competed against Angelina when they auditioned for the same role in 'Mr and Mrs Smith', the movie where Angelina fell for Shiloh's dad Brad Pitt. Gwen said: "I don't know if I almost got it, but I certainly put a lot of effort in. They were clearly looking for a certain girl, and you couldn't get more opposite than me and Angelina."


Josh Hartnett has blamed work pressures for ruining his romance with Scarlett Johansson.The chiselled actor has spoken out about his year-long relationship with the Hollywood beauty and blames conflicting schedule for their split. Josh told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "It was difficult spending so much time apart with our different commitments and both of us flying all over the world."At the end of the day, we're just ordinary people and it didn't work."Scarlet, 22, and Josh, 28, started dating after meeting on the set of 'The Black Dahlia'. The couple reportedly split in November. A source said: "Josh was gutted when he and Scarlett split - he thought she was really special and felt they might last the distance."But the pressure just got too much and when they saw each other they were both so exhausted."It's taken him a while but he's getting over it now -he's just immersing himself in work."Josh has recently been spotted with British actress Sienna Miller and' Spider Man' star Kirsten Dunst.


Courtney Love has been invited to be a judge on 'American Idol'.The former Hole singer has revealed the hit TV shows executive producer Nigel Lythgoe called her last week to ask if she'd be interested in joining Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson on the judging panel. Courtney told Us Weekly magazine: "He called. He was wondering if I was interested. I thought it was kind of weird but brilliant."It is not known if Courtney will be joining the existing three judges to choose America's next singing sensation, or if Lythgoe is considering replacing Paula. Paula - known for her bitter ongoing feud with Simon - has fuelled rumors that she is battling substance abuse by appearing in a series of interviews this January where she was seen swaying and slurring her words. A representative for 'American Idol' was not available for comment.
Hole Singer Courtney Love


Christine Ebersole Jim Caruso And Liza Minnelli

The Nightlife Awards were presented Monday night January 29th at Town Hall. Among the honorees were Maureen McGovern, Christine Ebersole, Billy Stritch, Jim Caruso, Judy Gold, Rupert Holmes, Paula West & Tom Wopat. Liza Minnelli introduced Jim Caruso and presented him with his award.
Jim Caruso with Billy Stritch, Liza Minnelli and Melissa Errico


Sienna Miller "made out" with a monkey on a recent photo shoot.The 'Factory Girl' actress, who had to pose with the chimp for an upcoming issue of Esquire magazine, got an unexpected surprise when she tried to coax him into giving her a peck on the lips. She said: "To make the monkey respond, you're meant to blow at its mouth so it'll kiss you. But it stuck its tongue out! So, I sort of made out with a monkey!"Sienna admits she didn't enjoy her simian smooch, saying: "It was a sweet monkey but, no, that's too much."Unfortunately for the 25-year-old actress the amorous monkey still had one more surprise for her on the day. Before the shoot had finished the excited animal urinated all over her back. Earlier this week, Sienna enjoyed a night out partying with rapper Diddy.The pair were spotted at various New York nightspots, including Bungalow 8, before finally heading home at 9am the next morning.


Uma Thurman is considering giving up acting to devote herself to her children.The 'Kill Bill' star has been struggling to take care of her daughter Maya,eight, and son Roan, five, while juggling her hectic movie career. Uma, who divorced the children's father Ethan Hawke in 2004 after six years of marriage, said: "I love acting. Truly, it is the first love of my life. But I am thinking of becoming a stay-at-home mother."Uma, who last October rekindled her romance with hotelier Andre Balazs, has also revealed she is not looking for a husband to help raise her kids. She added to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "I'm not getting married. For any human, a partner that you trust is invaluable and the partners that I trust most are my children."Speaking to Oprah Winfrey following her split from husband Ethan, Uma admitted there had been some betrayal towards the end of their relationship. She said: "There was some stuff like that at the end. We were having a difficult time, and you know how the axe comes down and how people behave and how people express their unhappiness."


Better Days For Elizabeth Hurley And Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant has not been invited to former lover Elizabeth Hurley's wedding.The 'Music and Lyrics' actor, who dated Liz for 13 years and has remained friends with her since their split, has been left off the guest list for Liz and Indian tycoon fiancé Arun Nayer's upcoming nuptials. Hugh was quoted by Britain's The Sun newspaper as saying: "It's not surprising. I don't think many people invite their ex when they get married so I'm not at all bitter."Hugh, 46 - who is now dating Jemima Khan - added: "There's no bad feeling or weirdness. We're just not invited."Liz and Arun are expected to marry in March. The extended celebrations will start with an English ceremony in Gloucestershire, followed by a traditional Indian wedding in Mumbai. Invitations were sent to guests earlier this week, along with strict instructions of the Indian dress code Liz requested. Celebrities expected to attend include Liz's close friend Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish and designer Donatella Versace.
You Could Have Brought Your Hooker !


Kiefer Sutherland sabotaged the release of his own action figure after setting fire to the prototype on a drunken night out.The toy, which is modelled on Kiefer's '24' character Jack Bauer, will hit the shops later this year, but would have been out much sooner if the actor hadn't destroyed the original doll during a rowdy night out with friends. Kiefer told the National Enquirer magazine: "They tried to come out with one a couple of years ago and they sent it to me for my approval."We took the doll for out a night to have some fun and we'd had some drinks. We sat it on the corner of the table."We started torturing him around 11pm and by 2am we set him on fire in the parking lot."We got up the next day and there was just this puddle of wax. His clothes didn't burn, which I thought was pretty cool."Then I got a call the next day saying, 'Did you like the doll?' I said, 'Yeah, it was great.' And they said, 'Well OK, good, you've got to send it back to us because that was a prototype. It took the guy a year to make it.'"I said, 'Well, let me look for it, I think I left it in the trailer.'"This went on for about a week and then I had to just come clean."


Sharon Stone, Elizabeth Taylor and Cher were among the stars recognised for their Oscar style in a commemorative show held yesterday. A private catwalk show titled 'A Celebration of Oscar Fashion' was held at the Film Academy headquarters, showcasing iconic Oscar gowns throughout the decades. Organiser hope the show will inspire this year's nominees to express their personal style and "create their own memorable moment". Producer Laura Ziskin said: "Oscar night is also arguably the biggest and most scrutinised fashion event of any year."Vogue magazine Andre Leon Talley - who helped to organise the event - hailed Cher, Sharon Stone and Hilary Swank for their ground breaking red carpet style.Talley said: "Cher is one of the most original Oscar red carpet sweepstakes winners."He described Cher's beaded Bob Mackie dress which she wore to the Academy Awards in 1988 as "bold but brilliant". Talley declared Sharon's 1996 outfit of a Gap T-shirt, designer skirt and velvet coat as "history at its best". He praised Hilary's midnight blue backless gown she wore to collect her Best Actress Oscar in 2005 as "one of the great Oscar dresses", and said Renee Zellweger was "single-handedly reinventing Oscar style with her love of vintage couture". The Vogue writer has high hopes for the dresses at this year's Oscars on February 25. He said: "The ladies are going full speed ahead for soigné elegance with a taste of the top from the greatest designers."It's a global moment for the world to see the stars, so they have to take it seriously. Actresses have to give hope to the people watching TV."


Kevin Federline has allegedly turned down estranged wife Britney Spears' offer of a $25 million divorce settlement.The former dancer is reportedly asking for $50 million dollars - claiming he is not driven by greed, but love for his two sons with Britney. A source told America's Star magazine: "Kevin says Britney offered him $10 million to walk away from their marriage and to relinquish custody of their kids, but he just laughed. Then she came back with $20 million which he turned down too."Now he says she's offering a whopping $25 million, and that's her final offer. He told her to take a hike!"Britney, 25, filed for divorce from the 28-year-old wannabe rapper last November after two years of marriage. Both are seeking sole custody of their two sons, 16-month-old Sean Preston and four-month-old Jayden James.The source added: "He loves his two little boys, and there's no way he's going to disappear from their lives."


Brandy is being sued for $50 million for her involvement in a fatal car crash.The wrongful death lawsuit, filed by the parents of Awatef Aboudihah who died in the crash, claims Brandy was "driving recklessly" when she hit their daughter's vehicle. A representative for Brandy said: "The accident was a terrible tragedy and Brandy's heart goes out to Awatef Aboudihaj's family. But for legal reasons we cannot comment on this lawsuit."The suit, which was filed in Los Angeles' Superior Court on January 30, comes a day after the California Highway Patrol recommended Brandy is charged with misdemeanour vehicular manslaughter. The Los Angeles City Attorney's office is reviewing the case and will decide whether to file the charge. If the 'Moesha' star is charged and subsequently found guilty, the 27-year-old could face a year in jail. On December 30 Brandy - real name Brandy Norwood - was driving on a Los Angeles freeway when traffic slowed and her car hit Aboudihah, 38. Aboudihah's car hit another vehicle, slid sideways into the central reservation and was hit by another car. Aboudihah, a married mother-of-one, died in hospital from blunt-force injuries. Brandy has reportedly hired crisis-management specialist Allan Mayer to salvage her reputation.


Pete Doherty has been photographed apparently injecting himself with cocaine during his Thai holiday with Kate Moss. Photographs of the troubled Babyshambles frontman sitting on a bed strewn with syringes, spoons and British, US and Thai banknotes, have been published by Britain's The Sun newspaper. In one picture he is seen checking a syringe and in another he appears to inject himself with what is alleged to be cocaine. Pete, 27, is seen talking on a mobile phone in the photographs, allegedly to an anxious Kate asking where he was and what he was doing.The photographs are said to be taken from a video made two days after Pete and Kate's Buddhist blessing ceremony - during their New Year's holiday on the island of Phuket. Australian backpacker Jess Lea, 21, says she invited Pete back to her room in a Thai hostel for a party with her two female roommates. Pete agreed and Lea claims he injected himself with cocaine at least three times between 1.30am and 4am. Lea says she asked Pete if reports were true that he had married Kate. She told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Pete said, 'No, I love her but I wouldn't marry her if she was the last woman on Earth. She's too paranoid."Pete then asked Lea if he could use her mobile phone to phone Kate. Lea said: "Pete kept telling us Kate was paranoid and wanted to know where he was and who the girls he was with were. He kept telling her there were no girls."She did seem quite pissed off. He was constantly pleading, 'What's wrong? I love you'. After the conversation his mood changed. He was quite upset."Lea admits she began to panic about having drugs in the room and asked Pete to leave - but he couldn't remember where his hotel was. She finally managed to get him out of the hostel and put him in a taxi. Pete and Kate reportedly had an argument the following day and the 33-year-old supermodel ordered him to return to Britain.The couple are currently attending a London rehab clinic in a bid to help Pete beat his drug addiction.
Will Kate Moss Ever Learn With Pete Doherty


Leonardo Dicaprio And Djimon Hounsou

Djimon Hounsou says Leonardo DiCaprio left him covered in bruises while the pair filmed 'Blood Diamond'.The Oscar-nominated actor - who plays a Mende fisherman in the movie about conflict diamonds in Sierra Leone - insists it is the "roughest" film he has ever made. Djimon said: "I've never done anything this rough. Scene after scene my body gets hurt. It was extremely challenging. Earlier in the shoot, Leo was beating me up take after take."My chest was hurting for weeks. If I'd been white, I'd have been black and blue!" Djimon - who also starred in 'Gladiator' and 'In America' - has also revealed that 'Blood Diamond' brought back distressing memories of his life in Benin, Africa. He explained: "In one shot there were kids sitting on a concrete floor with no desks, no books, nothing. I remember that, sitting on a dirt floor, trying to learn as much as I could, trying to be the best I could be."


Hilary Duff is ready to date like a guy.The single actress-and-singer broke up from her long-term boyfriend, Good Charlotte lead singer Joel Madden, last year and admits she is enjoying playing the field. She said during a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest: "Dating is fun. I kind of feel like a guy! It's, like, I can do it now. But I feel kind of wrong at the same time.""I've never gotten to date before, so it's kind of exciting. I've always just had a boyfriend, you know? I'm young!"If the right man came along the 19-year-old star insists she would "go for it". She explained: "What if I meet someone that I really am into, and they're really into me? If I'm feeling it, I'm going for it?"Hilary has also revealed that she and Joel are on speaking terms despite their split and insists the pair have both moved on. She added: "There was nothing - no fight, no, 'He did this, I did that.'"It was just time for the two of us to move on and do different things."I had a really great relationship with him, and we still have a great relationship, which is really good and unusual. He's a good person, and I always will care about him."


The 'Spice Girls'

Victoria Beckham says fellow Spice Girl Emma Bunton will make a "perfect mommy".The mother-of-three is really "excited" that her former bandmate is having her first baby with her long-term boyfriend, ex-Damage singer Jade Jones, 27. Victoria said: "I am so excited for Emma. It really is fantastic news, and she really will make a perfect mommy."Mel C - the only Spice Girl never to have experienced pregnancy - has also sent Emma her best wishes. Her manager said: "She spent much of the weekend trying to reach Emma, as they kept missing each other. She is overjoyed, absolutely thrilled to bits for her - as is everyone."Emma, 31, announced her happy news last Friday and joked that her new arrival means she will have to give up her famous Spice Girls nickname. She said: "I guess I will be handing over the 'Baby' tag now to a deserving little new owner."The singer had her first antenatal scan last week and the baby is due this summer.


1923 Carol Channing
1923 Norman Mailer
1929 Jean Simmons
1934 James Franciscus
1936 Marvin Junior
1937 Suzanne Pleshette
1940 Jessica Walter
1940 Stuart Margolin
1941 Richard A Gephardt
1946 Glynn Turman
1946 Jonathan Banks
1956 Lloyd Cole
1959 Anthony LaPaglia
1959 Kelly Lynch
1963 Scott Ian Rosenfeld
1971 Minnie Driver
1981 Justin Timberlake
1985 Andrew Giuliani


Sidney Sheldon who won awards in three careers — Broadway theater, movies, television — then at age 50 turned to writing best-selling novels about stalwart women who triumph in a hostile world of ruthless men, has died. He was 89. Sheldon died yesterday of complications from pneumonia at Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, said Warren Cowan, his publicist of more than 25 years. His wife Alexandra and his daughter, author Mary Sheldon, were by his side.''I've lost a longtime and dear friend,'' Cowan said. ''In all my years in this business, I've never heard an unkind word said about him.''Sheldon's books, with titles such as ''Rage of Angels,'' ''The Other Side of Midnight,'' ''Master of the Game'' and ''If Tomorrow Comes,'' provided his greatest fame. They were cleverly plotted with a high degree of suspense and sensuality and a device to keep the reader turning pages.''With the movie business hurting because of television's popularity, Sheldon decided to try the new medium. ''I met Patty Duke one day at lunch. So I produced 'The Patty Duke Show' (in which she played twins), and I did something nobody else in TV ever did. For seven years, I wrote almost every single episode of the series.''Another series, ''Nancy,'' lasted only a half-season, but ''I Dream of Jeannie,'' which he also created and produced, lasted five seasons, 1965-1970. The show concerned an astronaut, Larry Hagman, who lands on a desert island and discovers a bottle containing a beautiful, 2,000-year-old genie, Barbara Eden. She accompanies him back to Florida and eventually marries her.''During the last year of 'I Dream of Jeannie,' I decided to try a novel,'' he said in 1982. ''Each morning from 9 until noon, I had a secretary at the studio take all calls. I mean every single call. I wrote each morning — or rather, dictated — and then I faced the TV business.''The result was ''The Naked Face,'' which was scorned by book reviewers and sold 21,000 copies in hardcover. The novel found a mass market in paperback, reportedly selling 3.1 million. Thereafter Sheldon became a habitué of best-seller lists, often reigning on top. Sheldon prided himself in the authenticity of his novels. He remarked in 1987: ''If I write about a place, I have been there. If I write about a meal in Indonesia, I have eaten there in that restaurant. I don't think you can fool the reader.''For ''Windmills of the Mind,'' which dealt with the CIA, he interviewed former CIA chief Richard Helms, traveled to Argentina and Romania and spent a week in Junction City, Kan., where the heroine had lived. Having won a Tony, an Oscar and an Emmy (for ''I Dream of Jeannie'').
Sidney Sheldon's 'I Dream Of Jeannie'
Larry Hagman And Barbara Eden Stared


Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Daniel Radcliffe bares all

Daniel Radcliffe in Equus

This is Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe as you’ve never seen him before. In a set of provocative new photos to promote a play in which he stars, the boy wizard shows that he’s all grown up. Radcliffe, 17, appears bare-chested with a white stallion and with co-star Joanna Christie in photos promoting Equus, opening in London’s West End on Feb. 27.The British actor, who was 11 when he made his first Harry Potter movie, appears completely naked in the play, written by Anthony Shaffer. Radcliffe plays a stable boy in the care of a psychiatrist for his obsession with harming horses. Producer David Pugh told the British press that Radcliffe had no hesitation in shedding his clothes. “We had never seen him with his clothes off before. We all went ‘Wow!’” But not everyone is thrilled with Radcliffe’s racy role. According to the Daily Mail, some parents have threatened to keep their children away from the star’s next movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. After his run in Equus, which has already raked in more than $2.3 million in advance sales, Radcliffe will make one more Potter film, The Half-Blood Prince. The cast of 'Harry Potter'


Former Happy Couple Justin Timberlake And Britney Spears

Britney Spears wants ex-lover Justin Timberlake back, it has been claimed.The 'Toxic' singer - who lost her virginity to Justin - is desperate to rekindle her romance with the 'Sexy Back' singer now she has filed for divorce from Kevin Federline and he has split from Cameron Diaz. A source told the National Enquirer magazine: "Britney would love to have Justin back. They still talk a lot and she's been telling friends for months about how good Justin was for her."It has also been alleged that Britney, 25 - who has two sons, 16-month-old Sean Preston and four-month-old Jayden James, with Kevin - started dating model Isaac Cohen in attempt to make Justin jealous.The source added: "Britney gets an ego boost by parading her piece of eye candy around!" Britney hopes Justin will think more of her now she's been seen with a successful guy like Isaac, because she isn't hanging out with a loser like Kevin anymore. She wants to prove she can still land a good-looking, desirable guy."Since splitting from Cameron in December, Justin has been romantically linked to Scarlett Johansson.


Lost Star Josh Holloway

Josh Holloway wants his 'Lost' character Sawyer to die in a grisly, "Braveheart-style battle". Although Josh is not sure about Sawyer's fate, if he does get killed off he wants to go out with a bang just like Mel Gibson's character William Wallace did in the epic Scottish film. He told Britain's New magazine: "In the current atmosphere of TV shows the writers are willing to kill a main character without any problem. So that's a possibility."But when it happens, I want a big, bloody Braveheart-style battle. I want Sawyer to die badly!"Josh is currently shooting movie thriller 'Whisper', in which he plays a completely different character to Sawyer. He explains: "I chose that role because it was the opposite. The character I play is a bad person with a good heart and I thought it would be interesting to play a more heroic character."'Whisper' is due out later this year.


Jean Claude Van Damme


Jean-Claude Van Damme had an affair with Kylie Minogue.The action hero romanced the diminutive pop star when the pair filmed the 1994 movie 'Street Fighter' together. Although Van Damme regrets appearing in the much derided movie he is glad he did because he got to get up close and personal to Kylie. He told Britain's Empire magazine: "'Street Fighter' was corny to me. But there were nice things. I got to see the land of Australia and had a mini-affair with Kylie Minogue. If you ever see her, say hello for me to Kylie."The martial arts expert also insists he is a lover, not a fighter.He said: "My last fight was more than 20 years ago. I'm not a fighter, I'm a lover. If somebody's going to speak bad about me, I will walk away."But if a guy like Steven Seagal slaps me once, I will slap him twice as hard. Life is full of violence."


1928 Harold Prince
1930 Gene Hackman
1934 Tammy Grimes
1937 Vanessa Redgrave
1941 Dick Cheney
1941 Joe Terranoua
1942 Marty Balin
1943 Davy Johnson
1950 Ralph Wilcox
1951 Clifford Leon Anderson
1951 Phil Collins
1958 Brett Butler
1959 Jody Watley
1974 Christian Bale
1979 Diva Zappa


Pamela Anderson wanted her new movie to be called "2 Stupid Bitches". The former 'Baywatch' star has just finished filming 'Blond and Blonder' with Denise Richards and thinks the alternative title would suit the comic movie better because of her and Denise's stupid antics. On her personal website, Pammie wrote: "Just finishing 'Blond and Blonder'. I love working with my brother Gerry. He wrote and produced this film. Denise Richards and I had a blast shooting. Nothing fancy! It comes out in May. I prefer the title '2 Stupid Bitches'."Pammie is hoping film fans won't be expecting the film to rival classic comedies like 'Dumb And Dumber' - which starred Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels - because she doesn't think it is as good. She said: "I'd hate for people to try and compare this to 'Dumb and Dumber'. We're not nearly that funny!"In 'Blond and Blonder', Pammie and Denise play stunning blonds Dee and Dawn, who are mistaken for international mob killers.


Jamie Foxx claims the most ridiculous thing he has ever bought was a $18,000 crocodile-skin jacket.The 'Ray' star was persuaded to buy the over priced garment by some girls he met on holiday and regards it as the biggest waste of money of his life. He said: "I was in Las Vegas and some girls I was with were going on and on about this crocodile-skin jacket. In the end I just gave in and said, 'Alright, I'll take it!'"It was crazy. Stupid. I've never worn it. It never matched anything and it didn't even fit properly. I don't even have the jacket now - I don't know where it is."Despite his previous fashion faux-pas, Jamie's favourite item of clothing is also a jacket.The Oscar winner has a designer Dolce and Gabbana leather jacket which makes him feel fantastic as soon as he puts it on. Foxx believes every man should own one. He said: When I put on my Dolce and Gabbana jacket I'm ready to meet the world. It's made from soft burgundy leather and I love it."A jacket is a must-have. You might be wearing jeans and a t-shirt but if you've got a good jacket, it lifts your whole look."


Lindsay Lohan's arrival at the Wonderland rehab clinic has driven fellow residents out of the facility.The 'Mean Girls' star is believed to have been given special privileges -including being able to leave the clinic - and this has forced staff to allow Lindsay's fellow residents the same leniency. A former resident - who recently checked out early from Wonderland - told gossip website TMZ : "I left early because of Lindsay Lohan. Since she started getting special treatment, so has everybody else."Wonderland has become a joke. While I'm trying to save my life, she's trying to save her face."The 20-year-old actress checked herself into the Wonderland Center, in Los Angeles' Laurel Canyon, on January 17 to be treated for alcoholism, following an all-night drinking binge at the Golden Globes. Since checking into Wonderland, Lindsay has taken calls from journalists on her mobile phone, been allowed out to film her latest movie 'I Know Who Killed Me' and shopped on Rodeo Drive.


Jennifer Lopez's first husband Ojani Noa has been denied permission to publish a tell-all book about their marriage. J.Lo has obtained a restraining order barring Noa from publishing intimate details of their sex life, nine months after she filed a Superior Court breach of contract suit. On Monday, Superior Court Judge Victor H. Person ruled Ojani couldn't publish the book under the settlement terms of another lawsuit dating back to October 2005. A progress meeting will take place on July 30. Cuban-born Ojani's book alleges J.Lo had several extra-marital affairs, including one with her current husband, Marc Anthony. J.Lo could be awarded in excess of $10 million in damages if the book is published. J.Lo and Ojani met while he was working as a waiter in a Miami restaurant.They married in February 1997 but divorced just 11 months later.


Kim Porter and Sean 'Diddy' Combs

Sienna Miller has been out partying with Diddy. Sienna and rapper Diddy were spotted at various New York nightspots, including Bungalow 8, before finally heading home at 9am the next morning. Before Sienna and Diddy entered her hotel together, the hip-hop mogul - real name Sean Combs - told paparazzi he was just seeing his new friend home safely. He said: "I was just being a gentleman and dropping her off."We all hang out together but there's no more to it than that."After explaining the situation, the rap star, whose long-term girlfriend Kim Porter has just given birth to twins, asked photographers to delete the pictures of him and Sienna. Sienna, 25, was recently romantically linked to Scarlett Johansson's ex, Josh Hartnett and Leonardo DiCaprio.


Micky Dolenz Deborah Gibson And Q104.3's Jim Kerr

Deborah Gibson with Larry Gatlin, Caroline Rhea and Micky Dolenz

Fresh from a road tour of PIPPIN' Monkee-MICKY DOLENZ joined a host of Broadway performers at last nights ROCKERS ON BROADWAY: JERSEY STYLE (at BB King's) -- which also included pop princess DEBORAH GIBSON (singing "It's My Party"); country's LARRY GATLIN; WILL CHASE (late of Broadway's HIGH FIDELITY); PATRICK WILSON (HBO's ANGELS IN AMERICA and indie-movie HARD CANDY); NORM LEWIS (LES MISERABLE); and, THE JERSEY BOYS ... with a special appearance by LESLEY GORE. The event was hosted by CAROLINE RHEA (TV's BIGGEST LOSER). Dolenz performed "I'm A Believer" and "Gimme Some Lovin'." Interesting was Liza Minelli with a ever so young cutie Jason Drew in the audience. OH, MAYBE NOT SO YOUNG !

Public Relations powerhouse David Salidor with Deborah Gibson

The ever so beautiful Liza Minelli with Jason Drew


Monday, January 29, 2007


Courteney Cox has banned husband David Arquette from watching her film her sex scenes in new US TV drama 'Dirt'.The couple are producers on the show, in which Courteney plays Lucy Spiller, the bitchy and sex-obsessed editor of an American tabloid magazine. In one episode the 42-year-old actress romps with a young, fit yoga instructor. To make sure she didn't get embarrassed while filming the racy scene the former 'Friends' star told David he was forbidden from being on set. She revealed: "David was not on set for that. He would never come on set when I had to do something like that - I would forbid it. To be honest, that scene is nothing compared to what happens later in the series. I won't be allowing him on set for any of those either!" It was recently revealed that Courteney is to share a steamy kiss with her former 'Friends' co-star Jennifer Aniston when she appears in 'Dirt'.Jennifer, who is best pals with Courteney in real life, is to make a cameo appearance in the show as a rival magazine editor who is a lesbian.


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Former supermodel Niki Taylor has filed a fraud and slander lawsuit against E! Entertainment Television over a Jan. 22, 2007 episode of Boulevard of Broken Dreams, which deals with celebrities "who risked everything ... and lost." In a statement, Taylor said, "My life is far from a 'boulevard of broken dreams,' and as a matter of fact, with my recent marriage [she married NASCAR driver Burney Lamar on Dec. 27], successful fragrance line, clothing boutique and women's foundation, it's better than it's ever been! I hope that this unfortunate action serves to educate everyone who sees the show aired by E!, as to the true state of my life and career today." E! has not yet commented on the lawsuit, which was filed in federal court last Friday.


Former Couple Angelina Jolie And Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton said his marriage to Angelina Jolie ended because she wanted to save the world and he wanted to stay at home and watch 'Teletubbies' on TV. The 'Bad Santa' actor denies the rumors that his adultery ended the marriage and claims they both just wanted different things. Billy Bob told Empire magazine: "I never cheated on her."We had a great relationship. We loved each other the whole time we were together."We just had different ideas about our lives. She has her thing where she's all over the world and that's great, I respect her for that."I just want to stay at home. I watch a lot of sports on television. I'm a big baseball freak."And if I'm not watching sports I'm watching 'Teletubbies' with my two-year-old daughter Bella."


Police recommended on Monday that singer-actress Brandy be charged with a single misdemeanor charge of vehicular manslaughter for a fatal four-car crash triggered when her vehicle struck another car from behind. The California Highway Patrol found that the 27-year-old performer, whose full name is Brandy Norwood, was at fault in the December 30 accident for failing to prevent her Land Rover from hitting the car in front of her when freeway traffic suddenly slowed, CHP spokesman Leland Tang said. The driver whose car Brandy rear-ended, Awatef Aboudihaj, 38, a married mother of one, was killed when her vehicle slammed into a third car, careened into the freeway's center divider and was hit broad-side by a fourth automobile. Tang said the Highway Patrol referred the case to the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office for further review with the recommendation that the former star of the TV comedy "Moesha" be cited with a misdemeanor charge of vehicular manslaughter. A misdemeanor offense, which carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $1,000 fine, is less serious than a felony charge and means that prosecutors determine that the death did not result from gross negligence, a spokesman for the city attorney said. Prosecutors could decide to charge Brandy as recommended, suggest that the District Attorney's Office file a more serious charge or dismiss the matter altogether. Investigators have ruled out alcohol and drugs as factors in the crash and there was no evidence that Brandy was using a cell phone or was otherwise distracted at the time of the crash. She was in her car alone, Tang said. Brandy told police at the scene she was driving about 65 mph (104 kph) just before the crash, which Tang said was at or below the posted speed limit. Bandy's publicist, who issued a statement last week on the singer's behalf expressing condolences to the victim's family, was not immediately available to comment on Monday's referral of the case to prosecutors. Brandy burst on the recording scene with her self-tilted debut album in 1994, launching such hits as "I Wanna Be Down," "Baby" and "Brokenhearted." Her fourth album, "Aphrodisiac," was released in 2004. Last year, she served on the panel of judges for NBC's summer television show "America's Got Talent."


Casino Royale Star Eva Green

Eva Green refused to strip for her role in 'Casino Royale'. Sultry French actress Eva bared all in previous flick 'The Dreamers', but insisted she wouldn't do the same in 'Casino Royale' despite producers' pleas. Stunning Eva told Britain's The Guardian newspaper: "I've been nude in a film before and found it very troubling, so I was quite glad not to be in this film."In the shower scene, they wanted me to strip down to my panties. We had a good fight about that."The actress, whose performance earned her an Orange BAFTA Rising Star Award nomination, said she turned to 'Bond' co-star for support. While Eva doesn't regret appearing nude in 'The Dreamers', she admits having her family see her naked on screen was "shocking". The movie, which also starred 'Dawson's Creek's' Michael Pitt, tells the controversial story of a brother and sister who share an unusually intimate relationship. Certain scenes were cut before the film was released in the US, due to the level of sex and nudity portrayed.


Drew Barrymore was dumped by Fabrizio Moretti because she didn't want to get married, it has been claimed.The 'Charlie's Angels' star was reported to have ended her four-and-a-half year relationship with The Strokes drummer, but his friends say it was him who did the dumping. A source told The National Enquirer: "Fabrizio got tired of waiting for Drew to decide about marriage."She wasn't sure if she wanted to have kids. She has been making a documentary about her troubled family and has been haunted by a family history plagued with mental illness and addiction ever since she started the project."She was scared her children might inherit some of the problems."Fabrizio has been her rock for years but he finally had enough."Drew, 31, and Fabrizio, 26, previously split in 2005 but were soon reconciled.The Strokes drummer was recently seen on a date with 'Spiderman' actress Kirsten Dunst.


Pop Star Lily Allen

Lily Allen is considering snubbing the BRITs, because she is scared she won't win any awards.The outspoken singer - who has been nominated for British Female Solo Artist, British Breakthrough Act, Master Card British Album and British Single - became paranoid about her chances of success when she was replaced on the performing bill for the ceremony by rival Amy Winehouse. A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Lily is seriously considering staying away from the BRITs. She has a lot of commitments abroad so would have to make a special effort to fly in just for the day to go to the event. She was thrilled to be nominated in some many categories but many experts think she could lose out in all four."As soon as she was replaced by Amy Winehouse on the roster of performers,people started saying, 'There's no way she will win British Female Solo Artist now - it will go to Winehouse.' "Lily's record company are said to be worried that the 21-year-old Lily, could react badly on the night if she fails to scoop any accolades. She faces stiff competition in the Master Card British Album category, for which she has received a nod for her hit debut 'Alright, Still', and British Single, for which she has been short listed for 'Smile'. The source added: "The Best Album category is so tough this year and she's got little chance of beating the Artic Monkeys."Best single is likely to go to Leona Lewis or Take That, and The Kooks are favourites to pick up the Newcomer award."The winners will be announced at London's Earls Court on February 14, with the show being broadcast live on television for the first time in almost 20 years.


Angelina Jolie's mother Marcheline Bertrand (Right) has died. Marcheline, who had been battling ovarian cancer for more than seven years,was with her son James Haven, Angelina and her partner Brad Pitt when she passed away aged 56 on Saturday. Angelina dashed across America to be with her mother when she heard her condition had worsened. She arrived at her mother's bedside in Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center at 4pm on Saturday, four hours before Marcheline died at 8pm. Marcheline had small roles in 1982 movie 'Lookin' to Get Out' and 'The Man Who Loved Women' in 1983. It is unlikely that Angelina would have contacted her estranged father Jon Voight in the wake of her mother's death, as the pair haven't spoken for five years.Voight walked out on Marcheline when Angelina was a baby, leaving Marcheline to bring up their children alone.When Angelina's daughter Shiloh was born last May, Marcheline said: "My heart is overflowing with joy with the new arrival of Brad and Angelina's third child. Maddox, Zahara and Shiloh are deeply loved children. They have very kind and caring parents who love and support each other in every way."A private funeral has been planned for Marcheline. The family have requested no flowers or gifts - donations can be made to the Women's Cancer Research Institute at Ceders-Sinai.


George Clooney has denied he went on a date with Pamela Anderson. It was alleged that the 45-year-old heart throb and notorious womaniser had gone on a dinner date at California's Valley Inn restaurant with the former 'Baywatch' star on January 7. The romantic evening was said to have ended with the 39-year-old actress sitting on his lap, but George has swiftly denied any connection to the busty blond.The actor immediately released an official statement through his representative, Stan Rosenfield, saying: "I worked with Pam seven years ago and haven't seen her since. And I've never been to that restaurant."It was also rumored the couple had been seen walking dogs together. A source said: "George and Pam have been determined to keep this one quiet."George - who was voted People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive 2006 - is constantly linked to female stars, most recently Renée Zellweger, but does not usually comment on rumors regarding his love life.


1918 John Forsythe
1928 Peter Byrne
1936 Noel Harrison
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Katie Holmes in 'Batman Begins'

Katie Holmes has turned down a $2 million deal to star in the sequel to 'Batman Begins'.The actress was expected to reprise her role as Rachel Dawes along side caped crusader Christian Bale for 'Batman: The Dark Knight' but has pulled out because of "scheduling conflicts". Rumors have already circulated that Katie has been replaced by 'Wedding Crashers' actress Rachel McAdams for the comic-book adventure, also starring Heath Ledger as The Joker. Katie has instead signed up to star along side Queen Latifah in the comedy 'Mad Money'. The movie - to be directed by Callie Khouri - follows three female janitors working at the Federal Reserve who plot a major heist.The former 'Dawson's Creek' actress' move into comedy is believed to be part of her plan to re-launch herself, following her career break to marry Tom Cruise and have their daughter, Suri. However, film insiders have suggested she has been struggling to find work because of her controversial conversion to her husband's Scientology faith. A source said: "Studios may be gun-shy if her new status as a tabloid fixture. And her expectations may be raised as the new Mrs Cruise. Stars of much bigger stature, including Meg Ryan and Demi Moore, have found it tough to regain their momentum after taking time off."


Jennifer Lopez has revealed her father is a Scientologist.The Latino actress-and-singer has said that although she is a Catholic she thinks it a shame that Scientology has such a negative public perception. J.Lo said in an interview with US TV channel NBC 6: "My dad has been a Scientologist for 20 years. It's weird people want to paint it in a negative way. I, myself, am Catholic. But it's just sad that people would look at it Scientology in that way."'The Wedding Planner' star attended Tom Cruise and Katie Homes' Scientology wedding in Italy last year, and defended the ceremony which had received some public criticism. She said: "It was a great celebration of their love. It was good. It was beautiful."Earlier this month, the 37-year-old actress attended the Golden Globe Awards with her husband Marc Anthony, despite not being involved in any of the films nominated, or being asked to present a prize. J.Lo, who wore a glamorous couture gown to the ceremony, is adamant she went to the event for her own enjoyment and not just to parade around as a fashion icon. She said: "I just went for my own pleasure. Of course I'm aware people will see my dress. As long as I feel good in it, that' s the most important thing."