Jamie Foxx claims the most ridiculous thing he has ever bought was a $18,000 crocodile-skin jacket.The 'Ray' star was persuaded to buy the over priced garment by some girls he met on holiday and regards it as the biggest waste of money of his life. He said: "I was in Las Vegas and some girls I was with were going on and on about this crocodile-skin jacket. In the end I just gave in and said, 'Alright, I'll take it!'"It was crazy. Stupid. I've never worn it. It never matched anything and it didn't even fit properly. I don't even have the jacket now - I don't know where it is."Despite his previous fashion faux-pas, Jamie's favourite item of clothing is also a jacket.The Oscar winner has a designer Dolce and Gabbana leather jacket which makes him feel fantastic as soon as he puts it on. Foxx believes every man should own one. He said: When I put on my Dolce and Gabbana jacket I'm ready to meet the world. It's made from soft burgundy leather and I love it."A jacket is a must-have. You might be wearing jeans and a t-shirt but if you've got a good jacket, it lifts your whole look."