Sienna Miller "made out" with a monkey on a recent photo shoot.The 'Factory Girl' actress, who had to pose with the chimp for an upcoming issue of Esquire magazine, got an unexpected surprise when she tried to coax him into giving her a peck on the lips. She said: "To make the monkey respond, you're meant to blow at its mouth so it'll kiss you. But it stuck its tongue out! So, I sort of made out with a monkey!"Sienna admits she didn't enjoy her simian smooch, saying: "It was a sweet monkey but, no, that's too much."Unfortunately for the 25-year-old actress the amorous monkey still had one more surprise for her on the day. Before the shoot had finished the excited animal urinated all over her back. Earlier this week, Sienna enjoyed a night out partying with rapper Diddy.The pair were spotted at various New York nightspots, including Bungalow 8, before finally heading home at 9am the next morning.