Race car driver Frankie Muniz

Former television star Frankie Muniz has put his luxury Los Angeles mansion on the market for $3.9 million.The former Malcolm in the Middle star bought the Hollywood Hills home in January 2006 for just under $3.5 million. The mansion boasts five bedrooms and four bathrooms, and Muniz has carried out "extensive upgrades" on the home, according to The star now spends his time with his Passion, race car driving.


Anonymous said…
What happened to him!? He used to be so dang hot! Now he cut off all his har and it ruined it. Frankie, if u read this pllllz grow back ur hair plz it makes u so gorgeous. Love ya, oh n good luck w/ ur racing stuff ily even wthout ur hair but STILL grow t back thnx, an old fan(since ur dun w/ acting) :)