Eco-Friendly Julia Roberts

Sexy Hollywood star Julia Roberts gives credit her children for inspiring her give their $30 million Californian mansion an eco-friendly make-over. The mother and star has turned the family home into eco-friendly haven by installing recycled tiles, solar panels and energy-saving equipment. And Roberts admits she spends more time thinking about her green credentials than the red carpet - and has thanked her twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, three, and six-month-old Henry for forcing her into action. Julia says, "With the environment it’s kind of overwhelming, the state that we are in. Having children makes you realize all these things. "They are perfect and you think, ‘How can I help sustain their state of bliss and progress?’ And really beating up the planet the way we have is not going to do that. Having kids is a great catalyst for reflection and action. "It makes you say, ‘OK, what’s the thing that I can truly attack?’ It sounds silly when you talk about composting, but it’s something that is manageable in my household, something that I know we can accomplish."