Seems drama runs in Britney Spears family. Underage sister Jamie Lynn Spears was left devastated after finding out the father of her baby had cheated on her.The 16-year-old confirmed she is pregnant with student Casey Aldridge’s child earlier this month, but it is now alleged he had been dating other women behind the Zoey 101 star’s back. Aldridge is accused of being romantically involved with Whitney Seals from Magnolia, Mississippi, around the time the actress announced in an interview with OK! magazine she was to be a mother. Seals’ brother, Kevin, tells MSNBC.com, "Whitney and Casey have been dating for months. I know Jamie Lynn was really upset and jealous when she found out about it."


Anonymous said…
I think it was britney's fault
BAD example
or bad parenting!
Anonymous said…
Teach them about life, this is a case of statutory rape. Both the dad and Spears should be facing prison. Oh wait, she's a tv star, so it must be okay, after all she's still making new episodes for Nick. What wonderful examples they're setting for kids.