CBS talk show host David Letterman has won a major victory in the ongoing writer’s strike. His entire staff has been given a waiver to return to work for the new year. Letterman was among the late night hosts who shelved his show when the strike began in November. The generous host continued to pay his staff out of his own pocket. And his generosity appears to have won him favor among Writers Guild of America union bosses, who have given his writing staff permission to cross picket lines when his show returns on January 2nd. In a statement released on Friday, Letterman says, "I am grateful to the WGA for granting us this agreement. We’re happy to be going back to work, and particularly pleased to be doing it with our writers." The new deal will also mean writers for Craig Ferguson’s show, which follows The Late Show - and is produced by Letterman, will also be able to return to work next week. No word yet if Jay Leno will get the same deal, but he has also announced that he will return, but will not be doing anything that the writers would be doing if they were there, as Leno is a member of the WGA.