Charlotte Church is said to be fuming after her boyfriend was charged with disorderly conduct. The 'Crazy Chick' singer has blasted lover Gavin Henson, father of the singer's three-month-old baby daughter Ruby, saying his alleged recent drunken and loutish behaviour has ruined their Christmas plans. A source said: "Charlotte has told Gavin in no uncertain terms that she is not happy. They now have this charge hanging over them for a month and she says this has ruined their first Christmas with baby Ruby. Gavin is really in Charlotte's bad books at the moment." Gavin was charged after allegedly verbally abusing train passengers while drunk.The Wales rugby ace and his three friends had been celebrating his club team's win on December 2 and horrified fellow passengers with their outrageous behaviour.Passengers claim they were subjected to a tirade of four-letter abuse and showered with beer and spit on the 19.37 train from London Paddington to Cardiff.Witness Melody Jones said: "They were vomiting, spitting, swearing and intimidating others and punching each other."Passengers called the conductor, who then radioed police to meet Gavin and his friends when they arrived at Cardiff station. Yesterday, Gavin "vehemently denied" the allegations of disorderly conduct. He is due to appear in court next month and could face a £5,000 (U.S. 10 thousand) fine if found guilty.