Sir Ben Kingsley wants to make a film with his waitress wife Daniela Barbosa de Carneiro.The 63-year-old actor married the Brazilian, who is 30 years his junior, earlier this year and the couple are keen to share the screen together.He said: "We'd love to find a project together. We're both moved by similar things. We're both looking for truth."The 'Ghandi' star - who has been married three times before - insists he's never been happier since Daniela entered his life.He added: "I'm in a very good place. I have the most amazing partner. So many things will conspire to upset the balance, but right now life is good."Although there is a big age gap between the couple, the Oscar-winning actor doesn't notice it because they are on the same wavelength.He is quoted as saying: "We all mature at different stages in our lives. It's taken me a longer journey to be equal to her. We see each other as equals. People can chat away, but that's how it is."