Sir Michael Caine believes in reincarnation and wants to return as a billionaire's son.The Oscar-winning actor believes everyone returns to Earth as someone new after they die and he is hoping his next life will be a very easy one.Caine said: "I believe in reincarnation. All my friends are what I call 'old souls'. They've been here before."I'd come back as the son of a billionaire. Just hanging about and doing nothing. I've had a fantastic life but I've had to work very hard."The 'Alfie' star claims boring people are unlikely to have lived before, while interesting individuals have led previous lives.Caine is convinced his 'Sleuth' co-star Jude Law has inhabited the planet before.He said: "You meet old souls and then you meet dull people. I think dull people have never been here before. Then you meet these fascinating people and you go, 'God he's definitely been here before.'"They know stuff that other people don't know. Like Jude Law. You meet these people and they seem to have a cognisance and then meet other people who are nothing - they just sit and watch television and they're boring."I don't consciously think we all come back as John D Rockefeller or Marilyn Monroe. But we will come back as someone."


Anonymous said…
Hey Marilyn is back too. She's not excluded
have a look pictures at
and tv appearances on youtube under sherri lea.

It's awesome